Supported Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

Our list of supported cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

Bitcoin Cash - BCH525.00 USD
Bitcoin510.00 USD
Dash Coin0.00 USD
Dogecoin0.00 USD
Ethereum520.00 USD
Litecoin520.00 USD
Perfect Money510.00 USD
TRON530.00 USD
PayPal600.00 USD
Tether USDT - TRC20515.00 USD
Ripple520.00 USD

EVA Trade Rate

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets Exchange at Best Rate on Eva

CoinsWe Buy AtWe Sell At
Bitcoin Cash - BCH450.00 NGN525.00 USD
Bitcoin450.00 NGN510.00 USD
Dash Coin0.00 NGN0.00 USD
Dogecoin0.00 NGN0.00 USD
Ethereum440.00 NGN520.00 USD
Litecoin440.00 NGN520.00 USD
Perfect Money440.00 NGN510.00 USD
TRON440.00 NGN530.00 USD
PayPal0.00 NGN600.00 USD
Tether USDT - TRC20445.00 NGN515.00 USD
Ripple445.00 NGN520.00 USD